Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yard Montages

The first flowers of Spring are exciting, but what really moves me is when everything goes green. Here is our front yard shot from a few locations, and patched together from multiple photos. This does make the yard look wider than it actually is, but it is a big yard!

I shot these photos last weekend when it was too wet to mow. The gra. . . I mean weeds. . . are getting high enough to pose a tick threat, so when we got home today, Chris mowed a path to the garden and out to the woods for me, so that we aren't cut off until the weekend.

I am beginning to lust after neat, mulched walks edged with flowers. Grass makes me squeamish now.

Just this afternoon I was reading through the blog of a kindred clueless gardener. He has now had Lymes disease three times, and practically wears a haz-mat suit into his garden. And here I thought I was just being paranoid by always tucking my pants into my socks!

But back to moderately more happy thoughts. . . if you look closely, you can see Chris' birthday present there in between the deer-munched yew and the unwanted-but-can't-afford-to-replace-yet invasive burning bush. Here is a close-up:

This is a stacking rain barrel made by Arid Solutions, Inc. So far, it's been so-so. It matches the color of the house, which is a big plus; and we never seem to run out of refills for the watering-can from it. However, in our excitement, we neglected to follow the instructions that said "assemble on a flat surface" and "don't force it, dummies!" We screwed it together crooked, and too tight to undo, so now the connecting parts are trashed, and only the bottom tank holds water. We are waiting to hear back from the company about whether they can sell us replacement connecting parts.

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