Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day was Garden Day in Honor My Grandpa Brege

My Grandpa Brege served in World War II, and throughout his life he regaled me with many stories from his time on the front in Italy and elsewhere. My grandpa Brege was a master gardener and much of my joy of gardening is passed down through his love of it and the love of gardening he instilled in my mother. I have very fond memories of eating fresh peas and other veggies in the garden and I hope I can provide Gabe with similar memories.

Though he served our country bravely as a warrior when he was called upon to do so, I believe he would have preferred to just be a farmer if life had allowed him to be one. I found out through the grapevine recently that my grandfather Brege has died. Our family is, well, complicated, and while I haven't seen him in some years I continue to carry him in my heart, and I honored his memory today by spending the whole scorching day out in the garden finishing off the spring planting. At the end of the day when I looked down at my soil-covered hands and ragged cuticles I thought of his gentle, calloused hands, caring smile, and his loamy smell. Then I smiled, and cried.

Michelle had done an amazing amount of work excavating a round hole in the front yard where she was planning on putting in bamboo, until she thought better of it. She let me plant some front yard veggies in it. There are three cherry tomato plants: a Lollipop (yellow), Black Cherry (purple), and Isis Candy Cherry (red). They are surrounded by a ring of onions, and there is a Hubbard squash plant in the middle. I then planted Nasturtiums in between everything else, and Michelle added French marigolds all around the edge. I'm hoping that it fills in nicely and that the bunny living in our bushes leaves it alone.

I took more pictures of interesting bugs as I worked in the garden this weekend and I look forward to posting them soon. Have a happy memorial day.

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