Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm Such a Sucker. . .

I got sucked in, and bought a sign for our yard.

This is one of those deals that seems to me to fall in the nebulous ground between good idea and scam. In order to get this sign, a yard has to be "certified"; however, certification involves filling out a brief online questionaire on the property's availability of food, nesting areas, water, and so forth. Anybody can essentially just buy one of these signs for the paltry sum of $40, including liars and gardeners who mean well but who aren't actually providing good food or cover or what-have-you.

But I like the idea of having this sign out in front of the house. It would look so official by the mailbox, perhaps. With any luck, it will give our more tidy neighbors an excuse to forgive our terrible weedy lawn.

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