Saturday, May 9, 2009

Spring Azure (Celastrina ladon)

While I was out weeding the peas this morning I saw a brilliant streak of blue shoot across my peripheral vision. It was a darting little Spring Azure butterfly and it caused me to dart into the house to grab the camera. I squatted down low as it fluttered about the raised bed and waited for it to land near me. When it did I slowly stalked in and clicked away with the camera.

When I got within a couple inches I got some really great shots since I had the macro lens on. It wasn't until I looked at them on the computer that I realized he was munching on my garden! Michelle tells me that butterflies will lick up minerals from soil, and that makes sense as he focused on the bed I had put Ironite down on several weeks before to increase the mineral densities of the bed.

Much to my surprise he actually crawled towards me. He got so close I had to back up to reach the cameras minimum focal distance.

Shortly after he tired of the paparazzi attention and fluttered away to destinations unknown.

Note: Corrected identification from Holly Blue to Spring Azure

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Carter Harkins said...

Great shots, and a beautiful little butterfly! You were lucky to have been able to get so close. The morning is certainly the best time for photos like this, due to the cooler weather keeping butterflies still for longer periods. I have had some frustrating hours chasing little blues like this one all over my yard trying to frame it for a shot like yours. Well done!