Wednesday, May 20, 2009

An Earthbox Update - 2 1/2 Weeks Later

I've been sick. Ick. It's left me too tired to do anything much. Thankfully, the Earthboxes do not need much care.

I did lose one romaine plant, possibly either 1) due to me over pruning it for salad or 2) due to a mold I found near it, that I pulled from the box before it got to the other plants. The other lettuces are fine though.

I was able to plant up some peppers during my various colds - so Earthbox #4 is now half filled. The remaining space in it is for a lonely Black Cherry tomato plant that C4 and Michelle have waiting for me once I am well enough to pick it up. I'm still looking for leek seedlings to put in my remaining box, hopefully those will be coming into a garden center soon.

I've not had much trouble with pests yet. I made my own insecticidal soap (using organic handsoap) and the chocolate mint plant I bought has been keeping most of the other pests away. I hope that continues to work!

My blueberry bush continues to do well. It looks like I will have a ton of blueberries to try out this year:

And for the star of this post - my Green Bean and Snap Pea Earthbox has been going crazy. With the last post, they were barely 4 inches tall. Now look!

(The snap pea side. The green beans are almost as tall on the other side!)

The plants are also both flowering, so I should be getting veggies set on them soon!

Green Bean Blooms
(Green Bean Blooms)

Sugar Snap Pea Bloom
(Sugar Snap Pea Bloom)

The sugar snap pea and green bean bloom pictures have bigger sizes up on Flickr, just click the pictures to take you to my Flickr page.


Michelle said...

Hooray, Jen is back! I'm so glad you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

What fertilizer are you using on your beans?