Sunday, May 10, 2009

Froggie in the Water

I spent around an hour lying prone on the large rock overlooking Michelle's pond this afternoon trying to get some good shots of the frogs in the pond. Whenever I approach they always dive in under the leaf cover in the water, so I laid down prone and waited. When they popped back up I snapped away. These particular frogs are a little smaller than your typical matchbox car.

For this shot I had slowly extended myself out away from the rock and then turned sideways so the camera was nearly in the water so I could get a side on shot. This process took a long time, probably close to fifteen minutes or so as I needed to move very slowly to not startle the frog I was stalking. I ended up with the lens about three inches from the frog but unfortunately the extended time in the awkward post left me unable to stay perfectly still so I couldn't quite get the crystal clear focus I wanted. Still I really liked the result and may try again sometime soon.


hero爺 said...

C4 san

It's the perfect shot!!!!!!!!

Doctor Mom said...

Every minute of waiting was worth it! That is definitely the money shot, amphibian-wise!