Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gabe's Garden, "Finished"


tcg said...

Whoa! Just found you! Wanna have a contest as to who is more Clueless?!!

Michelle said...

Haha! I'm feeling less clueless by the day, but then I go and get stumped trying to identify one weed, and I feel clueless all over again. You? :D (Welcome to our humble blog!)

hero爺 said...

Beautiful place!!!
It's quite an accomplishment!!!
I want to be there with my grandson.

Michelle said...

Thank you Hero! If you ever come to New England, you must come for a visit! :)

arcady said...

Hi Michelle!
I wanted to stop by and say thanks for sharing your playscape, and for all of your encouragement over at playscapes. You are my most faithful commenter! All the best,

Michelle said...

Thank you for visiting, Arcady! Your blog is inspirational!