Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cutworm Casualty

I find it sad whenever I see cutworm damage. It often looks like a perfectly healthy plant just gave up and went limp. Since the damage occurs at night the plants still look lively but clearly wounded. I found some one of my leafy greens that has survived all sorts of trouble this spring flopped over so, and promptly dug down around the base to find the little guy below.

I will admit that I almost didn't see him and once before I couldn't find him when I dug around the base of the downed plant a couple days ago. The camouflage on this guy is nearly perfect for my soil and it was only the motion of him skidding down the side of the raised bed as I sifted earth that lead my eye to him. I'm not sure exactly what species of moth this cutworm turns into but I can't have him munching the stuff I want to be munching!

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