Monday, May 25, 2009

An Earthbox Memorial Day

My goal for today was to try to get my remaining, empty Earthbox filled. I was planning on planting leeks in it - but after stopping at all of the garden centers over the past few weeks (and again today), I gave up my search for leek seedlings. So, I thought that I would try to start them from seed - ran over to find a packet...and there were none!


I suppose I'll have to catalog order them next year and start them myself. Instead of leeks, I decided that Earthbox #5 would be an experimental box (last year, I experimented with watermelon). Rather than trying something exotic (like watermelon...for this region) again, I wanted to attempt a root vegetable. I picked up a packet of Burpee carrot seeds: short, sweet, 4-5" long ones that won't get caught up in the grid at the bottom of the Earthbox. I sowed them directly into the box, 2-3 per hole. I'll thin them out when they pop up. Hopefully I'll get around 25-30 carrots in the box.

On the pest note - I'm also seeing aphids and spider mites hanging around my tomato plants and peas more, so I sprayed more of my insecticidal soap on all of the plants.

I have green beans forming:
Baby Green Beans

Yay :)

My roma tomato plants haven't yet reached their cage/netting yet, so I had to support them with a bamboo stake until they get tall enough to start weaving them into the netting. They have also started setting some early fruit!

Little Roma

I can't wait to taste em!

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Michelle said...

Wow, the blog is bumpin' tonight! Your plants are looking yummy!