Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Fluttery Saturday

The butterflies and moths are starting to become a little more common, and I saw my first dragonfly of the year this afternoon in the garden. Though he escaped before I could catch a photo of him. I also saw a beautiful butterfly that looked like a monarch only yellow, which flew away to quickly for me to catch as well. It was fairly windy making photographs all the more challenging, but I had a blast chasing them around the yard.

Addendum by Michelle: the plants pictured above, in order, are red sorrel, Rumex acetosella (non-native), wood sorrel, Oxalis stricta (native), wood sorrel again, red sorrel again, dirt (haha!), dame’s rocket, Hesperis matronalis (non-native, prohibited in Massachusetts, and now dead), and more dame’s rocket.

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