Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Dragonflies have Arrived

The dragonflies have finally arrived in force and when they stayed still I managed some photos this weekend. I was really happy to get this image because it was really windy this weekend and the asparagus was flopping all over the place with this guy on it. Trying to get him into the field of focus was hard enough that there were many photos on the cutting room floor.

The color on this guy was so brilliant I had to chase him around until he stopped to pose.

He let me get fairly close after flying away a number of times.

I felt like he was looking up and winking at me before he flew off as this was the last photo I got of him.


hero爺 said...

C4 san
Nice photoes!
But I am surprised at the dragonflies in this season.
Because a dragonfly will be symbole of fall in Japan.
So dragonfly is used as season word of fall in HAIKU world.

Michelle said...

Hello Hero-san! Over here, dragonflies are a sign of summer. Cool Autumn weather kills the mosquitoes, so at that time there is nothing left for the dragonflies to eat.

I need to read more haiku translations!

hero爺 said...

C4 san and Michele san
I am very sorry I must gave you wrong information about dragonfly.
I met a dragonfly at a urban sanctuary yesterday.
I forgot that we could meet some dragonflies at this time.

The green dragonfly in the photo like our red dragonfly except the colors which we can see a red dragonfly in fall.

So before I knew it, I said " Surprised". But the red dragonfly is a symbole of fall in here.

We have very famouse kid's song of red dragonfly.
You can listen the song via the following URL.
: Sho Amano sings old Japanese kid's song AKATONBO (Red Dragonfly)written in 1921 by Kósçak Yamada.English lyric by Greg Irwin (more)