Saturday, April 25, 2009

Waiting for the Last Frost Date

Days like today lead to many a spoiled garden. It was sunny and in the eighties with the whole world seeming to come to life. Still the average last frost date for our area is between May 8th and the 22nd depending on who you talk to. Last year I put out my tomatoes on a day like today and ended up losing them a couple weeks later. Gamble big and you might win, but I'd rather play it safe and steady. The tomatoes will have plenty of time to get huge. I spent the majority of my day today either indoors miserable from my cold, or outside trying to find things to photograph. The first photo is of flowers from a Bradford Pear. An invasive tree that our neighbors have which I must admit is really pretty to look at.

While I was taking the above photo I heard wing flaps above my head. When I looked up I saw a sparrow about six feet away on a higher branch and managed to get him in focus before he flew away. As Michelle said two invasives in the same photo!

I'm pretty sure Michelle tsk'd when I said these blue flowers looked nice. I assume that means their invasive, but maybe she can clarify.

The bane of all those who would have a perfect lawn. The humble dandelion.

I took this picture from the big rock overlooking Michelle's pond. Just some moss, fiddleheads, and a log.


marna said...

Hi Michelle and chris - So great seeing you and Gabe yesterday, Michelle! What a beautiful babe, Gabe!!

Do you remember when the last frost was last fall? I forgot to pay any attention to it. Planning my planting calendar for the season today!
Got the first bed ready for seeds this morning.

Michelle said...

Hi Marna! I don't remember when the first frost date was, I'm afraid. We were so busy with me going back to work that we barely noticed it. :)

themanicgardener said...

I know just what you mean about the need to hold out. I'm in Bozeman, Montana, where the plant-out date is Memorial Day, near the end of May. We've had some temptingly warm weather, followed by snow. I'm so glad I didn't put my tomatoes out yet! I tried to figure out where you people are, but haven't managed it yet.

C4 said...

We're in Franklin Massachusetts and now that you mention it that should probably be somewhere on the blog;)