Monday, April 13, 2009

In the Woods

I have not yet identified this delicate plant. They grow among the ferns in part shade between the rear lawn and the wetland. They have lacy white flowers later in the year, which I was unable to photograph last year.

I fear that this might be an invasive bush honeysuckle.

My two trilliums have come up! I wonder if they will bloom this year. I wonder if the deer will eat them.

The flowers on this spicebush, Lindera benzoin, will open soon.

Some of my clubmoss is looking yellow. I hope it survives. It was transplanted to this location last autumn from a friend's yard, along with a generous chunk of its original forest floor as insurance, because it doesn't typically transplant well.


Baroness said...

Top pict might be Thalictrum thalictroides (L.) Eames & B. Boivin
rue anemone

Michelle said...

Thank you Baroness! I'm aftaid that's not it. The flowers on mine are lacy frilly little things. I tried (and failed) to photograph them last year. Hopefully this year will work out better.