Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tomato Seedlings

I've got a terrible head cold that is keeping me up, but trying to be productive through the sinus pressure I've been working on getting all of my tomato seedlings potted up. They're now sitting happily in their new large cow-pot homes. They're also dramatically smaller than they were at this point last year for me. Most of that is I actually waited to start them up this year. In a couple more weeks they should be a good size for plunking in the ground.

At this point there are 49 seedlings that have been potted up. In the end I only have room for around 22 of those. The others I plan to give away, or use to fill in spots in the garden where things didn't turn out like I expected. If the worst should happen and bunnies ravage the garden again this year I'm sure all of the tomato seedlings will come in handy.

The peas are coming in nicely around the pea towers. All told I should have around a hundred pea plants in the garden this year. The seedlings are looking beautiful and tender. I have a strong fear that ninja bunnies are going to scale the fence and get at them. Hopefully the bunnies in our area haven't had any ninja training.

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Michelle said...

Poor Chris was up until 3 AM with sinus ick! He potted up all of his plants and then tidied up so carefully that I didn't notice what he had done. And then bad me, after he got an insufficient amount of sleep I pestered him about the dust in the room. I love you Chris, and I'm sorry I pestered you. *hugs* :)