Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Trouble with Amish Paste Tomato Seeds

This year I decided I would plant at least six Amish Paste Tomato plants, because we so enjoyed making sauce out of the non-sauce tomatoes last year that using real paste tomatoes could only make it better. To ensure that I got enough for me and my neighbor I planted twenty-four seeds. Out of those twenty-four only six are looking healthy. Many of them failed to germinate at all, or they germinated but never managed to escape their seed like the above guy. I'm leaving them be in hopes they'll still get their cotyledons out, but I'm losing hope at this point.

How this poor seedling managed this feat I'll never know. It has burst through the other side of the seed but still has the seed caught around it's neck. I will probably try to save this with some delicate scissor work tomorrow if it doesn't break out on its own.

This is one that I was losing hope for that did manage to eventually work its way out. I expect the seed will drop within the next 48 hours and a healthy seedling should result. I'm certainly happy I over-planted as I'm going to end up with just enough to meet my needs it looks like. The other seedlings are doing very well by in large. The cherry tomato varieties are going gang-busters. Next year I will have to remember to group them together, as they do outpace their larger fruiting brothers it seems.

Has anyone else had this problem with Amish Paste Tomatoes or did I just hit some bad luck?


SixBalloons said...

I didn't have this problem with my Amish Paste seeds which I started in seedling pots indoors... In fact compared to the Prudens Purple seeds I had, the germination rate was significantly better. I put 3-4 seeds in each cell and every cell had at least 2 seedlings emerge. 6/24 sounds pretty bad. I purchased my seed from westcoast seeds.

Anonymous said...

The U of Minn Master Gardeners are trialling Amish Paste tomatoes this 2010 season, and I received 3 seeds to trial. They all germinated normally, grew to enormous plants with monster fruit for a paste tomato and ripened earlier than many other paste tomatoes in the trial. But it's the flavor that won me over. I will be growing these in the future. Incidentally, a variety named Sausage, available from HPS Seeds, was also very tasty.

Pure-N-Simple Garden said...

That's odd, where did you get your seeds? I planted Amish Paste this year from seed for the first time, and have experienced a very good germination rate. I got my seeds from seed savers exchange. Hope that you are able to harvest much from what did germinate for you.

Edsel said...

Great photography! I have had this problem with my seedlings before and I think I didn't have high enough humidity. Try misting your seedlings so the seed coat is more pliable. Incidentally I mist my seedlings with a weak chamomile tea(cooled of course)to help with dampening off disease. I have so many tomatoes right now they a rotting on the vine.