Monday, April 20, 2009

Christopher and the Pea

I've been anxiously awaiting the germination of my peas. Like a brooding hen I walk around their plots each morning, and take care to meet their needs as best I can. I've worked hard to keep them moist but not flooded and generally just worried that they're not going to come up. The first peas to come up is are of the Alaska bush variety. Since they are under a floating row cover I imagine the soil temperature is just slightly higher which sped things along. Interestingly enough the peas were the ones that were soaked in Vitamin C, the non-vitamin C peas have not come up yet. I'm hoping this means the uncovered peas under the towers will start coming up in the next week.

The mustard weeds are everywhere in the garden. Literally everywhere and they are germinating like crazy in this cold spring weather. This pile of seedlings is the result of sweeping out the garage. The seedlings are easily identified and edible so I really don't mind. I'm pretty sure I'm going to save mustard seed again this year now that I know so much more about the process.

This mustard over-wintered in a crack at the edge of the garage. I though it had died but it has already gone to seed with bright yellow flowers soon to emerge. I admire its resilience.

It was too cold for my tastes today and being quite sore I decided to take it easy and just take pictures around the yard. I got these shots and some shots of some insects that were to cold to fly away as I approached. I'll post those tomorrow once I've had time to edit them.

This is my new desktop. I'm sure Michelle could tell you what plant this is but I can't. I just know I like how it looks.

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