Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Garden Supported Charity

I've been making a pilgrimage with Michelle down to Martha's Vineyard every spring since before we were married. We travel down to meet with friends we may only get to see once a year and participate in the annual MS Tour of the Vineyard Bikeathon. I've never been particularly skilled at raising money for the event, and most years I just end up making the minimum donation to participate myself. This year, however, I had the idea that I would put my garden to good use and have offered up veggie rewards for those locals or co-workers that donate to this noble cause.

The plan is simple. If a co-worker donates ten dollars or more they get put on a mailing list letting them know when tomatoes have arrived at work giving them first pick. I brought in around a two-hundred pounds of tomatoes last year so there is a lot to go around, but getting a jump can't hurt! The three largest contributors also get to take part of a garden sized CSA, getting a portion of whatever the garden is producing. I sent out the e-mail last night and the response today was better than I've ever had before so I'm encouraged.

For family and friends who are to far to participate you can still donate to this worthy cause and know that you have my deepest thanks. For those gardeners out there that have extra veggies each year and charities they like to support here's a simple way you can combine the two together.



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