Friday, April 24, 2009

A Brilliant Spring Day

Today was a brilliant spring day with sunny dry weather and a nice cool breeze. The soil in the garden heated up nicely today and all sorts of things sprung to life. I saw this composition of the young pea bracketed by old dried up roots and a nice splash of red from some fallen flowers off one of the trees and jumped on it. I really love how peas kind of explode out of their seeds with all sorts of leaves ready to go. As you can see from the rock in the picture our soil isn't exactly perfect. With only one year under our belts we have a lot of improvements to make with compost additions in the coming years.

I've been checking the Asparagus bed every day, and I swear that there weren't any spears poking through the soil this morning. This evening when we arrived home there were spears poking through the soil all over the place. The one above is long enough that I figure I must have missed it previously.

Most of the spears are just poking out a little bit like this one. They all look very healthy though and tasty. The problem is we aren't supposed to eat any this year, giving them one more year to really build up their roots before we harvest anyone is the plan. Michelle really want to eat a bunch and I'm going to be trying to fend her off;)

While the getting was good I ran around the yard taking pictures of emerging plants that Michelle was pointing out.

It is pretty cool to see just how many different types of ferns we have around our yard.

I really like the variety of colors and shapes. They feel so alien at times.

The flip side is they can also look so elegant and fragile. I remember as a kid crawling under a canopy of ferns and pretending they were a fort.

We didn't manage to harvest all of the raspberries last year and some of them dried out and hung around. Hopefully this year we'll be better about that.

Michelle pointed out a spice bush that was just starting to really wake up.

I would love to find a Swallowtail caterpillar on one of these later this year.

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