Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rocks and Strawberries

The raspberries and strawberries are waking up, and they are well on their way to taking over the world.

Just as I hoped they would do, the strawberries have climbed out of the stone edging and planted themselves in the cracks. Hopefully this will mean less weeding, because they strawberries are the weeds.

Over in Gabe’s Garden, I have started adding strawberry runners in between the stones. Hero gave me the idea for this with his strawberry rock pile.

Some friends visited this weekend to dig strawberry runners. They took home three boxes full, and still barely dented the surplus, so I have a lot of spare plants to work with. Our whole lawn may eventually be overrun with strawberries. Strawberry fields forever!

I pondered the matter of including Chris’ bird-bath to Gabe’s Garden, but concluded that in addition to being ugly, it posed a hazard to small children when perched up on its silly cement leg. So I set it up on some rocks, down at kid-level. Looks much better like this, don’t you think?

I must have moved an actual ton of rocks this weekend. My arms feel like I tried to get to Boston by flapping.


hero爺 said...

Michelle san
You did a great job.
It'a American straberry rock pile.

Father William said...

Lovely strawberries when will they be ripening? Would make a good time to visit, No?
Opa writes from his home desktop HP.
After recent escapades, OPA gets a week home off work. Selfishly, Opa asks you post more pictures of garden and Gabe this week.
PS Please do not hold your breath when lifting big rocks!

Michelle said...

You read my post before I had time to add text! :D Thank you Hero-san! Thanks Dad. :D The strawberries will start fruiting sometime this summer, I think, and will continue until the fall. I'm not sure you are supposed to be eating strawberries, though. :( But we will post more Gabe pictures just for you, asap! I'm so glad you are feeling better! Enjoy your rest!