Saturday, September 4, 2010

Joe Pye weed on Franklin Matters

I just put up this week's native plant post at Franklin Matters, this on on joe pye weed.

I still don't know much about Steve Sherlock, the author of Franklin Matters, but I am continually amazed at what he does there: he is a one-man newspaper. He attends or watches on television every town meeting he possibly can, and reports on the proceedings. He posts links to local news, he goes out and reports on and photographs all sorts of around-town happenings, and he posts announcements, reminders about town policies, opinion polls, and the occasional advertisement, all of which are very local in nature.

I find his site a bit like drinking from a fire hose. But I have had some really good stuff come from keeping an eye on what goes by there. His site is how I found out about Franklin's Beautification Day, and because of that, I'll be trying my first Garden Club meeting next week. Through my native plants posts on his blog, I found the website of a local man who was looking for a good home (or stewpot) for some young roosters. Alas, by the time I got in touch with him, the roosters had been taken. But I'm just tickled to know another person in town who is as wild about growing his own food as Chris!

And today, thanks to Franklin Matters, I got a call from the woman who is spearheading the effort to create a community garden in Franklin! Chris and I met up with her at a local park to say hello and to review a possible site for the garden.


UrsulaV said...

An awesome plant, and awesome that you're getting called in on a local garden effort!

My giant joe pye weed is advertised to get twelve feet tall. Which is why I planted it! Who can resist something that gargantuan?

And, as advertised, it's grown a good twelve feet. They're just...mostly horizontal.

Next year, staking.

Michelle said...

Hahahahahahahaaa! 12 feet! You'll have to stake it with a whole tree! :D

Maureen said...

Interesting stuff. Please keep us posted on the community garden. That would be awesome! Do they already have a piece of land?

Michelle said...

Hi Maureen! I can't remember, did I find you because of Franklin Matters, too? Thanks for the pots! Hold on, I'll answer your question with a post in case anyone else who it interested drops by here. . .