Monday, September 6, 2010

Get Involved: A Community Garden in Franklin

There is an effort afoot to start up a community garden in Franklin! This is your chance to get in on the ground floor. The first planning session will be held on Wednesday at 7:00 PM at the Franklin YMCA. No gardening experience is necessary.

Amy, who is leading the charge on this, got in touch with us this weekend after learning through the blog what crazy gardeners we are, and we all went down to Dacey Field to meet each other and to review a possible site for the garden. Amy is awesome, and that's the location she is hoping to get, there in the picture. I'm a little concerned that since it is a low-lying bit of land, that it might be classified as wetland (and thus protested and likely off-limits to development.) It *was* pretty dry-looking down there, and I didn't see much in the way of wetland plants, so I'm crossing my fingers!

Since Chris is the veggie gardener between the two of us, he'll likely be representing the Clay household at Wednesday's meeting, while I take care of Gabe. And tomorrow is the first time I'll be attending the Franklin Garden Club! It's going to be a crazy gardening week, yikes.

For more information about the community garden project, go to the blog Growing in Franklin.


Steve Sherlock said...

Michelle, excellent! This is definitely up your alley (or down your row)!

I'll be at the Town Council meeting and miss this meeting but hopefully I'll catch a future meeting.

Franklin Community Gardens said...

Thank you for spreading the word!
So glad to have finally met you & Chris & the little guy, too. Thanks for your support!


Michelle said...

Thanks guys. :) we'll try to get home early enough tonight so that Chris can make it to the meeting. Amy, I did bump into someone else at the Garden Club last night who had heard about what you are doing (from the newspaper, perhaps?) and might get in touch with you. I believe she said she wouldn't be able to make the Wednesday meeting, but she was interested, and I told her how to find your website.