Sunday, September 19, 2010

Getting Ready

In preparation for the tree coming down, it made sense to mow part of the backyard meadow. We will need the space to store the massive quantity branches, wood, and mulch. The arborists could haul it off for us, but what's the point? We're always needing supplies for this project or that. We will be making some unusual requests of the cutting team when they do the deed.

I had already forgotten how noisy and stinky gas-powered mowers are. Grasshoppers fled the mower in droves. This isn't the ideal time of year to be mowing, since so many species are still living among the plants, but the tree needs to come down in a hurry.

Oops! What's that? Chris is chasing something.

More evidence that my overgrown lawn provides animal habitat!

Gabe had a serious look on his face, but he was fascinated by the snake. (And don't worry: we were sure to wash his hands afterwards, since reptiles can be carriers of salmonella.)


Maureen said...

Oh my - you keep reminding me that there are things out there that I try to pretend are not!

Anonymous said...

I am not a snake lover, but that one is a cutie. So is your little guy.

Michelle said...

HAha! Maureen, the little snakes eat slugs and other pests. :) Thanks Gardenwalk!

darkandlight said...

I love snakes. I wish we lived out in the country a bit more... I would like to encourage more of the little guys to move in around here. My yard is probably too shady, though with some of the rocks I've put into my landscape, maybe some will move in.

Michelle said...

Darkandlight - we had no snakes in our yard that I could see until I brought in rocks. Here's hoping yours bring you many good snakes!

C4 said...

Don't you mean until we dug up rocks? :)