Wednesday, September 8, 2010

*Another* one?

So, having just had an essay published at Garden Rant entitled "When a Garden Needs a Lawyer", about a couple who made a native plant habitat of their yard only to have a portion of it mowed by their city, now I find out that another internet aquantince with a similar yard is under threat, too. The town gave him precious little time; the mowers may come for his yard tomorrow.

I'M SO ANGRY! I wish I knew what to do to help. Please visit the link above, read his story, and offer advice, if you have any helpful pointers.

(The photo above is of Jason's front yard, and came from the article that I linked to.)


Heather said...

Wild Ones has a good page of sample ordinances and what to do with these types of situations.

Here's the link to the specific page: Weed Laws

Restoring The Landscape With Native Plants

Michelle said...

Wonderful link! Thank you Heather!