Sunday, May 9, 2010


Pine trees of some sort are germinating all over the yard.

I love the calligraphic way they wrestle out of their seed pods.

They even sprouted in the wood chips out front.

Alas, once the sun came out, those that sprouted in the wood chips were the first to die, withering in the heat.


Diana/ Garden on the Edge said...

Those are baby pine trees. They look really cute now but unless you want a nice pine forest in your garden weed, weed, weed.

I have lots of seedling Liatris (blazing star), Aquelegia (Columbine), violets and Gaura coming up this year. Those I'm selectively weeding depending on location. I think I'll work harder to deadhead next year. Especially the Liatris.

In the back yard it's Maple trees in the grass. I'm just glad we don't have many hickory trees in the area. Those seedling are HARD to remove (because of the attached nut).

Michelle said...

Thanks Diana! That was what I suspected. I wonder which pine tree is the culprit?

I was about to ask if you could help me identify a similar mystery plant, but I seem to have found my answer: horsetail fern.