Thursday, May 27, 2010

Did I say bear?

I meant bears, plural! Another black bear was sighted in the town of Hopedale, just a bit too far away for it to have been the same bear. Also, a mother and two cubs were spotted last week in Blackstone.

People are being advised to take down birdfeeders and make sure "trash is covered", but I find the second suggestion to be laughable. *Do* make noise if you see a bear. They are shy of humans and want to know you are there so that they can avoid you. If you spot a bear, call the police, or the state Division of Fisheries and Wildlife at 508-389-6300.

Hell yes! Bears!


Ben said...

HA! Take them all. I wish we could get rid of our bears. One took out four of our bee hives over the past two days.

Diana/ Garden on the Edge said...

Oooh, oooh, oooh, can I come over? We'll put up lots of bird feeders and turn over trashcans, sip margaritas and wait.

Michelle said...

Ben, I saw the photos of your hives. I'm so sorry! Is there any way to bear-proof hives?

Sounds like a plan Diana! I'll supply popcorn, too. :D