Sunday, May 30, 2010


When my company relocates to a new building, I won't miss the ugly parking lots. But I will miss the birds.

These, I believe, are killdeer, a type of shore bird who can often be seen quite far from shore.

A pair of them are raising three fuzzy offspring right in the grass at the edge of the parking lot.

Mama likes to sit on her brood right on the sidewalk while daddy strolls the asphault and lawn.


Diana said...

There are few things in the world quite as cute as a baby Killdeer. (You should see them when they are newly hatched - balls of fluff on legs!) Great photos of the family.

Scott said...

Great pictures ! I saw a killdeer a couple years ago in a motel parking lot in Southern Minnesota where I was attending a wedding. These are the birds that play lame to distract you from their nest to keep the little ones safe. And I now see them almost daily as I drive to work through the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport.

Michelle said...

Thanks guys! As of Friday the family was having a field-trip to a neighboring parking lot. The little ones are growing up fast!

D. Luckins said...

I love baby killdeer! Where I observe them at our local lake, there's so much trouble with grackles, crows, ravens and hawks that I don't see any even though they try. I get so sad when the predators get them.