Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mouse at the Gate

After a ton of work, the veggie garden is really starting to take shape: I've got about two-thirds of it planted at this point. If the weather is good this weekend I hope to finish off most of what remains. One of the highlights, however, had to do with moving the boards out of the pile by the gate and into the garden. While doing so I scared a mouse out from its hiding place and up the garden gate.

I have no idea what that little mouse was thinking, but it stayed at the top of the gate for about an hour before I finally gently forced it off and back into hiding. He let me show him off to all sorts of people who were visiting for our garage sale, and he let me take some great pictures.

This one is my favorite. The way the sun made him seem to glow just worked out great.

Just a moment later clouds moved over the sun and made for much more diffuse lighting.

The ears and whiskers were crazy.

Now as a person who has trapped and killed a number of mice in the house it seems quite odd to let this little guy off scott free, but I figure if the hawks are lucky he'll make a nice meal. With the way he stayed out in the open I expect that day is not far away.


Ben said...

What a cute little guy/gal, surprised a hawk didn’t already get it hanging out up there. Your garden looks great. How are the solar pods working out?

C4 said...

Hi Ben,

Overall the Solar cones and Pod have been fairly deadly because it gets really hot under them.

If used carefully they can really speed up germination. As the peas under the cones germinated several days in advance, but then they need to be removed or they will cook the peas.

I'm experimenting with starting the melon seeds under a cone right now so we'll see how that goes.

The Solar Pod probably won't be useful until the fall.