Thursday, May 13, 2010

Double Trouble

Eventually I'll have to get a wide-angle lens instead of being a cheapskate who patches together photos with the Gimp. But I have to admit, it's fun putting together a picture that has my son in it not once, but twice.

Not much is blooming in Gabe's Garden now. So far there were violets and strawberries. And dandelions. And one scrawny serviceberry bloom cluster. Rather disappointing, actually. But things are growing like mad, particularly things in the strawberry family and mint family. There is a strawberry-mint battle raging. The bee balm is the front runner, displaying amazing prowess as a garden thug. These plants aren't going to play nice with one-another. I will have to wield an iron hand to keep the warring plants in check. I am regretting some of my plant choices.

Gabe's garden fails in the most basic respect: Gabe doesn't like it. The wood chips are mean to his bare feet. The circle does not contain his curiosity. His balls and toy trucks roll downhill, toward the garage, so that is where Gabe ends up. The plants don't interest him. I would like to think the ripening strawberries will catch his attention, but the chipmunks ate them all last year. My only consolation is that Mr. Cooper, the hawk, has been spotted almost daily on a snag out back, eating. We have observed a distinct lack of bunnies and chipmunks lately.

There is one winner: Gabe likes the gravel pit. Now if only he would stop tasting the pebbles.


hero爺 said...

Recently I made a small gravel pit in the garden for our grandson.
He also tast the pebbles.

Michelle said...

Perhaps I should taste a pebble, too. Maybe the toddlers know something that we don't!