Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mail-Order Mistake

I would like to think that most plant dealers are reasonably ethical with what they do, but this cataloge caught me off guard with its flagrant fubar. Here, they are selling daylilies A. as native plants, which they aren't, and B. as collected from the wild. Native plants generally should not be collected from the wild, as it's too destructive a practice.

My one consolation here is that invasive daylilies are being removed from the wild. Here's hoping the company left the land in better state than how they found it.

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Diana/ Garden on the Edge said...

It's bad enough that the colors in catalogs get photoshopped, that extra flowers get inserted into plants to make them seem more floriferous but it take a lot of, well, SOMETHING, to not only label an invasive plant as native (which happens all too often out of ignorance - people see it in the wild and assume) but to then brag about the immoral and possibly illegal practice of collecting wild plants and turning around and selling them. Ugh.