Saturday, June 6, 2009

Six-Spotted Tiger Beetle - Cicindela sexguttata

We went to the Garden in the Woods this morning on a photography and native plant expedition. The trip was a great success. Many photos were taken and native plants procured. Jen, Steve, and his Bridget met us there and we made our way through at a snails pace since we were so busy stopping to take pictures. Jen had eyes like a hawk for bugs and pointed out most of the bugs I took pictures of. I wouldn't have gotten these shots without her help as I was always looking through the camera lens at something else. These Six-Spotted Tiger beetles were landing on a path through the meadow section of the Garden in the Woods, and they refused to hold still in general.

The bottom one is giving the other a piggy-back ride...uh...ya.

I took the camera off the tripod and went prone to get this shot. It was so cool getting within a couple inches of these guys. Luckily they were busy and didn't fly away until after I had snapped a few shots. Be sure to click on these to see them at full size. The detail is awesome!

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