Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Juvenile Bunny - To Balance the Icky Tick Post

When I was watering the berry bushes this weekend this little guy came darting out of them and ran right for the garden fence. He ended up in the corner where the garden fence meets the wood fence and couldn't get through. This made me very happy because if this little guy couldn't get through a full size rabbit surely can't. Being a big meanie I proceeded to pick up the cute little guy for a closer look. I also wanted to show the neighborhood kids who were out playing in the circle. After showing it to them I put it down and it stayed still in place. The girls pet the bunny very gently and were in complete awe. It was kind of awesome.

With some encouragement from us he made it into the bushes and was then gone. I returned to watering the berry plants and proceeded to scare out two more little bunnies. They aren't babies anymore because they can really move and their ears are perky. Still I felt like a big meanie. I hope they enjoy the clover in the lawn, and stay away from the garden. I prefer these sorts of interactions to those they take place when they get in the garden;)