Sunday, June 28, 2009

Glorious Sun Please Stay!

June 14th 2009


The garden is doing well overall with the last two days having partial sun and warmer weather. The tomatoes are responding very well to the warmth and have been growing several inches a day. The Oregon Sugar Pod Peas at the front of the bed are massively productive and are definitely on my list for next year. The Alaska peas in the middle produced a large bowl of peas once shelled and may have another in them before they're done. The Mammoth Peas at the end of the row are amazingly tall, unproductive, and diseased. The green bean patch is an insane jungle, and the inter planted beans elsewhere in the garden are also doing very well. Watching the potatoes grow I can hardly wait to dig them up!

They shot up to the top of the tower and tumbled off it to the side. I think the combination of wet and aphids set them up for a bacterial or viral disease. I'm not sure if that reduced their ability to flower, but this variety has produced maybe one twentieth the peas the Oregon Peas have.

I haven't identified the exact problem, but I did end up pulling the tower this afternoon. I cut them off at the ground to make sure these were left behind...

I didn't innoculate my peas, but they all had the nitrogen fixing rhizobia nodules on them. Hopefully through rotation I'll avoid the problem bacteria/virus in the future. The other varieties have so far been unaffected.

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