Saturday, June 27, 2009

Berry Time

The raspberries are starting to ripen. Even though they are more tart than I like, Gabe loves them. I guess he takes after his Dad when it comes to tart berries.

The strawberries, sadly, are being devoured by some critter. I suspect chipmunks.

One of our neighbors has mulberry trees, which have been covered in ripe fruit. If you aren't familliar with mulberries, they look like blackberries, but don't have the tang. Many folks find the flavor insipid. I prefer them to all but the most perfectly sun-ripened strawberry.

Gabe could eat mulberries until he pops, I think.

Speaking of mulberries, the bunnies (or some other critter) have helped themselves to the mulberry seedlings in Gabe's Garden, as well as my nasturtiums and violets. I may transplant the larger volunteer mulberry tree to where one of the chewed seedlings is, and then put a cage around it.

The nasturtiums are largely a lost cause, but the violets will recover.

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