Wednesday, June 17, 2009


This fern is a staple of our backyard. It grows in dense drifts on the elevated, dry areas. It even thrives under the eaves of our house, in the dusty soil where I rudely transplanted some of the runners that I needed to remove from a path.

This is the same type of fern again. Since I don't know what it is called, I'll dub it "fern type A".

This was a delightful surprise! This fern, "fern type B" looks so much like fern type A that I hadn't noticed it until recently. It has a longer stem, before branching into several fronds. I have seen clusters of it elsewhere that appear to hover a foot above the ground.

Here is another shot of type B, showing the bare portion of stem that makes it possible to tell from type A.

Fern type C. I love this type's chunky leaves! These also live in the dry areas, including the eaves of my house.

This fern, type D, is the tallest in the yard, measuring up to three feet tall.

Fern type D grows in the marshy areas among the skunk cabbage, giving the wetland a delightfully prehistoric look. I tried transplanting some near a water downspout. Initially it grew like gangbusters, but then the lack of water caught up with it, and some of the fronds died.

Fern type E. This beauty occurs sparsely both in the wetland and up in the dry area. I am enchanted by those airy fronds.

I would like to identify these all, eventually.

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