Friday, July 4, 2008

Woodchuck - Marmota monax

I'm not sure if it was him or another bunny attack, but my garden was invaded last night and the new crop of carrots, green beans, cucumbers, and squash was eliminated. While I felt a righteous anger I'm not about to eat a woodchuck, and I'm not going to kill something I'm not going to eat. Since relocation isn't a solution I let him go hoping that the experience would deter him from straying into the area again anytime soon.

I just hope I don't come to regret this. If I do find him in the garden again I'm not sure he'll receive another reprieve.


Father William said...

That was an ugly woodchuck. Sorry that nature keeps attacking your hard efforts. Living next to a wildlife preserve may call for bigger fences.
Father William

Walt said...


That's awesome.