Friday, July 4, 2008

The Forth of July

Today is definitely not a day for fireworks and festivities. It is rainy and overcast, much like its been on and off all week. I haven't had to water the garden in forever, which is really nice. At the same time I do worry that the tomatoes are to consistently damp. The fruit set on the tomatoes isn't great, and I think that has to be due to the weather at least in part.

Still they are growing still and even if only 25% of the flowers set fruit I'm still going to have a huge pile. I'm glad that the animals have at least left me my tomatoes. I all but cried last night when I came home to find that something had gotten in through a tear they made in the fence. All the carrots nibbled down to the ground. The Green beans gone, and many of the cucumbers and squash denuded.

The baby is getting some up close and personal time with the tomatoes here! I love the way my hands smell after working with the plants, and in amongst the changing of diapers that is soon to come the baby is sure to get a wiff of that lovely smell. I hope he enjoys it as much as his dad does.

With the green bean and lettuce beds in sorry shape I think I'm going to plunk my remaining potted tomatoes into them. It'll happen today if I get a break in the weather.

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Father William said...

Dear clueless gardener:
Thankyou for including a photo of the baby! Baby looks very ripe.
Father William
PS: Am on call for BGP today with five women are in labor, plus OR.
Father William