Saturday, July 26, 2008

Gardening and Labor

Another week has gone by, and the garden continues to grow. All of the rain was good for the garden, and it is lush and beautiful. A few tomatoes split from all of the extra water, but mostly they're looking happy if not yet fully ripe.
This morning I harvested some swiss chard, a cucumber, and some various cherry tomatoes. We had the cucumber for lunch with some fresh mozzarella, and the combination worked really well. One of the cherry tomatoes was a fully ripe black cherry tomato and it was heaven. I wish I could have recorded the look on our faces. The first taste of the tomato was good, what we would expect from the previous ones. About 3-4 seconds later, however, this wonderful second burst of flavor hit our taste buds at the same time and both our faces lit up.

When I added labor to the title of this post, I literally meant that Michelle is in labor. Now what would you do in the early stages of labor? Run to the hospital? Nap? How about sit in the garage with your husband braiding onions? Ding ding ding! We have a winner! We had never done this before, but Michelle taught me how to braid on some string and we both went to town after I cleaned off the onions. I did the mega braid in the middle, while Michelle did all but one of the smaller braids. I think hers looked nicer overall.

Here Michelle is brandishing her belly, and some of her nicely braided onions. Now lets see how long they last!

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