Saturday, July 26, 2008

What to do While in Labor

I started having contractions last night – finally! - but by this morning they were still irregular. So, I fiddled around with garden photography alongside Chris to get things moving.

We have some lovely bounty coming along out here. . .

We ate one of these with some lovely hand-made mozzarella.

One of the winter squash vines that I tried so hard to kill has got an apple-sized fruit on it.

Holy cow, I can’t wait for these to ripen!

I thought the Swiss chard would be bitter after all the hot weather we’ve been having, but it was delicious. Plus when washing the leaves, I got a bit of a surprise. . .

Out of the rinse-water popped a momma spider with a sack of eggs! If someone dunked me unexpectedly into a pool of water right now I’m sure I wouldn’t behave as politely as she did. Chris returned her to the chard patch, where with any luck she will give us many offspring to protect our tasty veggies.

After being a photo-monkey, Chris and I tried braiding onions. It turned out to be a piece of cake – especially with Chris cleaning the onions and handing them to me, so that I didn’t have to bend over. Of all the silly things to do while in labor!


C4 said...

I must say that I'm super happy that Michelle isn't squeamish around spiders or insects in general for that matter. I consider spiders one of my important lines of defense since we don't use any insecticides.

marna said...

I can't believe you were out in the garden while in the beginning stages of gardening!! What a wonderful way to be distracted!

Hope your labor goes well.

Anonymous said...

What great pictures! Great job on the onion braids- they look fabulous. So exciting to hear that labor started. Hope things are going well, and can't wait to get an update.


Michelle said...

Thank you Marna and Maggie! :) Everything is going quite well. I must go get some sleep now thought. . . by the way, Marna, Chris found a monarch butterfly catterpillar, and it has turned into a chrysalis for us! thanks for inspiring us to look for them.