Friday, May 30, 2008

Where's The Lupine?

The Lupine along our driveway has a severe aphid infestation. I took these pictures before spraying these guys with soapy water, which took care of the problem. We have additional Lupine elsewhere with a slightly less complete infestation that I've been spraying with water to knock them off. I haven't hit them with soapy water as I have lady bugs on the way that I plan on dropping off on the 'clean' plants.

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marna said...

Do you have any tansy in your garden? It is the host plant for ladybug Beetles (Family Coccinellidae). They feed on Aphids and other small insects. The life cycle can be viewed right on the plant - It is quite fascination, watching the larva grow and then pupate. Years ago it was considered the "must have first plant" For all perennial gardens!!
I have lots and you are welcome to some when you come.