Wednesday, May 21, 2008


After returning home to find the bunnies had worked their way through another weak spot in my garden defenses. I moved from hate and rage to acceptance that this first year's garden is a sacrificial lamb to the various pests and denizens of the forest that might wish to partake of its verdant spread. The bunnies finished off the little pea stubs they had left behind, removing all hope that they might recover. They also completely finished off four rows of spinach, and nibbled on various other plants. The tomatoes in the garden remain untouched so far, but they went back up onto the porch and finished off some seedlings I had left out there. I'm not so sad about that as they were weak starts that I was just keeping around as backup/backups.

I ordered a live catch trap today, which will probably arrive sometime next week. Until then I'm going to try to button up the fence as tight as I can in hopes of preserving what I have left. On Saturday I'll replant the spinach, and I'm not sure if there is such a thing as pea starts but I think I'll go looking at the local nursery's. I'll also replant the beans and move on from there.

I've been somewhat torn on the idea of trapping the rabbits, but I'd think myself a hypocrite if I trapped the rabbit and couldn't bring myself to kill and eat it. I eat beef, chicken, pork, and fish all the time. Yet throughout my life I've almost never had to take part in killing the meat I've eaten. I've eaten rabbit before, and I know it can make a great stew. Perhaps its time to earn my hunter gatherer stripes again.

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