Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Beautiful Spring

It is absolutely lush out there right now. The trees are all finally unfolding their leaves. Everything is growing, from the vegetable beds to the poison sumac. My transplants and seedlings are all happy. And the frog-pond is so naturalized that you can barely see it any more among the armies of skunk cabbage.

The ticks are also out in force, sadly, and the poison-ivy is popping up its first dangerously-hard-to-spot leaves. But I was able to report to a friend that he won’t have to plant those blueberries he wants, because his property is already covered in them. One of my four blueberry bushes is in bloom. The strawberries didn’t waste any time putting out leaves, the raspberries are starting to show signs of life, and my neighbor has no objections to getting raspberry canes on his side of the fence – hooray!

Cat-birds have been out in force, and I can’t tell if I never noticed them before, or if they have just arrived. Yesterday Chris and I had the good fortune to see a fox come trotting brazenly across the front lawn at nine in the morning with something furry in its mouth – I’m guessing bunny. Mister fox, you are welcome in our garden whenever you want!

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