Friday, May 30, 2008

Not a Rabbit

As I walked out into the garden this morning I saw that the trap had been sprung and I saw fur. This made me really excited, right up until the point where I saw the fur go to opposite ends of the cage. As I approached I saw that I had trapped two squirrels in the cage and not the rabbit I was hoping for.

Now I do have to wonder as to what scenario lead to two squirrels ending up in the cage. The only one I can come up with is that one was chasing the other and they just ran into it one after another not even realizing where they were going. They were both unharmed and ran away at mach 9 chattering angrily when I opened up the cage to release them. Here's to hoping I don't catch any more squirrels.

In other news like a genius I left the garden gate open this morning, and the Rabbits let themselves in to much on more stuff. I feel like a buffoon. I can only hope that enough of the garden survives for me to harvest something. Though I have to admit the tomatoes are finally starting to perk up some thanks to the warm weather. I think we might actually get to eat one or two of those.

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