Sunday, March 16, 2008

Therevid larva

I discovered about a half dozen of these little guys while I was collecting topsoil for the pea bed this afternoon. I think they are Potworms, but I'm not 100% sure.

Update: Further research seems to point towards these being Therevid Larva and not potworms.

Update 4-9-09

This year I was able to take pictures with out new Macro lens and confirm that these are Therevid Larva. These thin white worm like larva move much more quickly that you'd expect and when you pick them up they actually feel strong. I always get the feeling they'd burrow into me if they had a chance which wigs me out a bit. Knowing what they are they are officially off my "kill" list of harmful insects. According to research these guys will hunt down earth worms and other beneficials, as well as harmful buggers like grubs. Any "neutral" bug such as this or a praying mantis gets put on the live and let live list.

They grow up to be Stilleto flies, of which little is known.


Anonymous said...

I just found one of these worms on top of the soil of an over-wintering fuchsia. The plant had aphids really bad and I have cleaned it up and treated it with neem oil. I did carefully dig in the soil and have found no more. Thanks for the took me awhile to identify it. Thank you

C4 said...

Glad to hear that it was useful:)

Brenda Kiberd said...

I came across this because I have been trying to figure out what this is as I was bit by one while gardening. It caused a bad burning sensation and when I looked down to see why was causing it I had one of these on me. I'm horrified to say the least!!!