Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Pea Towers

I spent about four hours this afternoon excavating grass and the topsoil underneath from other future beds in the garden and transporting it to the pea bed. Once I filled it up I put together the pea towers and started to weave the twine for the peas to climb. Overall it was a fairly awkward procedure, and with the weather hovering just above freezing and the wind chill making it feel just below it seemed to take forever. By the time I was done after about an hour I really missed the warmth I generate while digging.

We've got a fairly long and wide driveway that points directly at our garden, as you can see above. This means when it rains there is a lot of water running down at the garden, looking to carve nice little ditches through it.

To help mitigate this we've started a drainage trench that will eventually run the length of the driveway, and then down through the garden. This should help channel the water to where we want it to go. Well at least channel it a little, and hopefully water the garden some in the process. The trench is essentially loose sand on the bottom and rocks on top. Look for a future post documenting a catastrophic failure.

When it was all said and done I was well spent, and took a break on the blacktop trying to stretch out my back and soak up what little heat I could from the sun. It was a good day in the garden with progress made on multiple different projects. We've still got around eight weeks until we start transplanting in seedlings, and if we can keep up the pace we've set I think we'll have everything prepared by then.

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