Saturday, March 1, 2008

Water Heater

While it is to soon to tell if it will work long term the overnight results of the fish tank water heater seem to be positive. I've been keeping the front room around 70F at night but I think it gets cooler in that corner since the thermometer for the room is further into the house. I think my Bloody Butcher Tomato seeds have been so slow to germinate because the soil just isn't hot enough.

As of this morning
Unheated Flat Water Temp: 65F
Unheated Flat Soil Temp: 66F
Heated Flat Water Temp: 76F
Heated Flat Soil Temp: 70F

Soon enough the front room will be getting into the 80s during the day as it really heats up in direct sun. Even during the winter it gets into the low 70s without the heat on. For now though the little fish tank heater that could may have to be the solution for seeds that won't germinate when it is too cold as cranking the house heat up isn't an economical solution.

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