Sunday, March 2, 2008

Party Clean-Up Made Fun

Chris’ 30th birthday yesterday we threw him a big Rock-Band party, with lots of guests. Since I’m pregnant I didn’t get to enjoy the tasty beverages, but on the plus side I woke up early and perky. So I got to work cleaning up the plates and bottles.

We’d resorted to paper plates and napkins after the regular ones ran out. I tore them to bits and set them soaking in the leftover beer. Then I reduced the pizza boxes to confetti and set them soaking in flat Dr. Pepper. And for jollies I dropped by Starbucks, and they were happy to send me home with used coffee grounds along with a latte. Took that, and the leftover fruit peelings and pistachio shells and whatnot, and buried it all under leaves in the compost heap. And by that time the glorious sun had thawed the ground enough to get on with the digging I’d been waiting to do.

That’s the most fun I’ve ever had in cleaning up after a party, and on top of that it was worth the giant “thank you!” I got from my hung-over Chris when he didn’t have to face the previous day’s lingering smells!

I’m used to hauling out full bags of trash after parties like this. But this time, the amount of garbage in the trash can didn’t even noticeably increase. Between our town’s generous recycling program and our composting, Chris and I generate about one tall kitchen bag of trash every two weeks!

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