Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I need to give quinoa another chance. The last time I tried cooking it, picking out the pebbles was a pain, and the cooking time was lengthy. But it's far more nutritious than I realized, and I'm jumping at every opportunity right now to get nutrition into my picky toddler, for whom I have devolved into hiding sweet potato in meatballs, hiding kale with ketchup, and flying spoonfulls of food over the dinner table like airplanes.

I wonder if I can cook quinoa in my rice cooker? Wikipedia says yes!

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George said...

My grand children, from ages two thru six, have always loved veggies and dip!! No joke. Dip made from sour cream mixed with the dry salad dressing mix, in this case Ranch Dressing. We have two skinny grand daughters who skip meals without a care, but eat veggies and dip voraciously. Sliced carrots, sweet peppers, radish, cucumber, and celery. All of them have loved olives. Tacos that they make are a hit. I think it is the playing with these foods that is fun for them. Or maybe seeing the adults use their hands might be the trick. But ours love it. Use real sour cream if you want to pump up the calories. From Wilmington, DE, Pop Pop George