Monday, January 3, 2011

I need to get back on the ball with my writing.

Dang it - I haven't written a fresh newspaper article in months. My blog posts have been minimalist filler, and forget about writing for other outlets. Pregnancy has sucked away my energy for late-night writing! Grump! Dinner rolls around, I cook, I eat, and then I get wrapped up with getting our two-year-old through his bedtime routine. Oh, and he has been getting transitioned to his new big-boy bed, so every night has been an adventure. It's getting to be a routine, but the routine still involves either Chris or myself climbing into bed with him and waiting until he is asleep. And when it's me, I fall asleep, too, and Chris has to remind me to move my sorry sleepy self over into the correct bed. Add to this that Chris has been walloped these past weeks with a cough that has left him a miserable exhausted sofa-lump, so Gabe's bedtime routine has been mostly fallen to me. So, there's my excuse for not writing. And the arrival of the new baby in April will be exponentially worse. Sigh.

Anyway, it gave me a smile to see that my "recent" post on Garden Rant came in as their number three post for comments generated in a guest rant. Let me take that as a reminder to myself to sit my sleepy butt at the computer a couple of nights a week, at least until April. Perhaps a Resolution is in order. . .

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