Friday, January 7, 2011

The Pre-Christmas Snow

Snow fell for my parents over vacation, right before Christmas. This is a view of the veggie garden as the light was fading on the first day.

View of Gabe's Garden from the front window. Nana helped Gabe to make the wreath as a surprise gift for us. So sweet!

Gabe's Garden as seen from the front door.

The veggie garden, the following day. This was before Chris opened up the box to harvest his delicious and absurdly out-of-season greens.

Here is Chris, my intrepid shoveler, demonstrating the depth of the snow piled on the bench. My father did most of the shoveling because Chris was sick through their entire visit. (And I am on on doctor's orders not to exert myself.) Poor Chris is still sick - the cold has morphed into walking pneumonia.

I just noticed that in the photo, you can see a ball of snow flying through the air from my father's shovel!


Darla said...

That's some snow! Hope you all feel better soon. Just blog hopping and dropped by.

Michelle said...

Thanks Darla. :) Chris had to go in for a chest x-ray, but he slowly seems to be on the mend. I've been feeding him lots of home-made soup.