Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This makes me angry!

Some responsible citizens in Orange County are being sued by the city for removing their lawn to save water. You can lodge a complaint with the city on their behalf here.


Scott said...

I actually did use that link you offered and sent a complaint to the city. They responded quickly and it seems the news article was somewhat exaggerated. (no surprise) The city was mostly trying to get the people to use live plant material rather than so much mulch. And the city code actually allows for either exotic or native plants to be used in landscaping, according to the excerpt they sent me. As of my response, the city and the homeowners were on their way to a peaceful resoluton, it appeared. Thanks for the post, it was interesting to make a little stand for native plants and for homeowners...and thanks for taking time to post to your blog, even with your certainly busy family life, it's interesting and thought-provoking.

Michelle said...

Thank you for following up on that Scott! I'm glad to hear that there was more reasonableness to the whole thing than the article made it out to be.

Thanks, too, for reading my blog!